Hot Cakes was created by five women in Miami, FL.

The week before the Miami zine fair, we decided we wanted to create something. The idea?
A pancake recipe zine where our breasts, scanned with an EPSON scanner, would serve as the illustrations for the recipes. Each photo features the breasts of a different women and the scratch and sniff sticker that covers her nipples coincidees with the main ingredient in the recipe on the next page. It was printed at FedEx Kinko's in North Miami. 

Edition of 30

*Hot Cakes 100*

Hot Cakes is expanding to include 100 women in its next edition. We will build on the original concept by pairing 100 breast scans with conversations with women about their breasts, their relationships with their body, and of course their favorite pancake recipes. Are you interested in participating in Hot Cakes 100? Click on the button below to fill out a 2-minute sign up sheet.